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Developed with government funded Benign Uterine Condition Initiative. A collaboration between The Ontario College of Family Physicians, University of Toronto, University of Ottawa, University of Western Ontario a number of top teaching physicians and Medisim.

The model is a body cast soft silicone with anatomically correct Vagina, cervix, uterus, and vaginal and uterine attachments.

The model can easily be placed in Anteverted, retroverted, and axial positions. Bimanual palpation, Pap smear, pessary fitting and endometrial biopsy (with specimen collection) and I.U.D. insertion can all be performed.

The model is so realistic that the external and internal oz can be felt as you pass through them.

The Model has a Mainpro C Rating and has been implemented into most of the major teaching University sites in Ontario.

The BUC website can be viewed at:


"A year later, I am very happy with the models and they helped me a lot in my teaching."

Lyne Ménard md CCMF, FCMF


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Female Pelvic Examination Model $1600.00
Extend your warranty to 5 years
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5 year Unlimited Model warranty total: $2400.00
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