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Over half a million women in Canada and the US visit their doctors annually with a lump in the breast which is a breast cyst (a collection of fluid within its own envelope in the breast tissue). Breast cysts are unique in that they can be proven immediately to be non-cancerous by a physician who can use the clinical skill of "Breast Cyst Aspiration" to remove the fluid. All that is required is a needle and syringe. Unfortunately less than half of these lumps are treated in such an efficient and effective manner because the only model that can be used to teach students this skill is an actual human patient. Most women are apprehensive that the lump found in their breast may be cancer. Under such circumstances, most are unwilling to become learning tools for needling practice by an inexperienced student. Due to this defect in our teaching, the primary contact physician often is not confident in his or her ability to do a needle aspiration and has to refer the patient to a specialist. The resultant delay in diagnosis, increased expense, and stress on an anxious woman could all be avoided if there were a good bench model with which to teach the skill. There is a worldwide demand for this skill and there will be a worldwide demand for a bench model with which to teach it.


Allows the instruction of Breast Cyst Aspiration realistically without having to teach on a living patient. Each Cyst can be aspirated, refilled and reaspirated 200 times thereby reducing the cost of instruction to a few dollars per healthcare practitioner.

Breast Cyst Aspiration Model1200$1500 US
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